How do we give back?

The Covid-19 pandemic and the 2020 world crisis exposed us that not only humans but also the animals suffered and need our help.


Many pet owners losing their jobs caused more animals ending up in shelters or abandoned on the street. Nonprofit animal shelters drastically increased in need for donations after having to suspend all in-person fundraising efforts like adoption events, charity, festivals.

That's why we have decided to take action and build a community of pet lovers that give back.

Shelters and rescues are always in the need of some dedicated volunteers with a variety of talents and abilities. They need people like you - animal lovers to help with day to day tasks.

So how can you help?

    1. Transport animals. If you have a car, you can offer your help to transport rescued animals to their foster or new homes. 
    2. Foster a shelter/ rescue animal. If you have the time and availability, you can take care of a homeless dog until a permanent home is found.
    3. Volunteer at your local shelter. The tasks are very simple like; taking the dogs for a walk, cleaning up kennels, making phone calls.
    4. Donate. You can simply ask your local shelter what do they need and provide them with the necessary items like; towels, toys, or chains. However, most of the animal shelters have bills to pay, and they will highly appreciate funds for what they need the most.


        At happy paws, our mission is to raise funds for dogs, cats, and other animals in need through each piece of jewelry we sell. Each month, part of the proceeds from your purchase will be directly donated to animal shelters that need it the most. 




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