Gone but never forgotten

The loss of a pet is undoubtedly something painful and of immense sadness. Whether furry or feathered, pets become family members, and when they pass, the loss is felt deeply. Although this can be challenging for many, doing something special to recognize your departed pet may help you comfort the feeling of absence and allow you to find closure.

Here are a few meaningful ways you can remember your deceased pet and keep their memory alive in your heart forever. We are sure that whatever you choose will help you in the difficult process you are going through.

  • Create a memory point

If you have a garden or any quiet outdoor space, you could dedicate a small section of it to your beloved pet and create a place of memory. It could be as simple as including a memorial stone with your pet’s name on it that reminds you of your beloved companion. 

  • Volunteer at animal shelters

Unfortunately, approximately millions of dogs and cats enter animal shelters each year. Sometimes lost, often abandoned or neglected. Fortunately, there are many opportunities to help make a difference in these animals' lives, since many rescue centres need your time and talent to care for these shelter animals.

  • Engraved jewelry to honor your beloved pet

A special way to honor the memory of your beloved pet is with happy paws personalized silver jewelry. Our silver jewelry is carefully designed and engraved with love, helping you keep your pet close to your heart forever, triggering happy memories long after their passing.

Part of the proceeds from your purchase are directly donated to animal shelters which need it the most. It's therefore a way of also helping other little ones in need.

At happy paws jewelry, we know the hardship that comes with losing a pet. We hope that these tips help you find peace in remembering your furry friend.

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