Give back animals everything they give us

Helping people in need is a crucial mechanism for socializing and building a community. It is indeed a core reflection of a civilized society. But it’s not only humans we should consider. We share this planet with many other species and  there are also many animals suffering out there that need our help. Animal homelessness is a serious problem and there are so many out there in the world who are victims of hunger, abandonment and abuse. 

Whether they are dogs, cats, horses or rabbits, pets play a vital role in many people’s lives. They help us in many different ways, from offering their love and companionship to professional support. As James Cromwell stated, pets are humanizing. They remind us we have an obligation and responsibility to preserve and nurture and care for all life. Therefore, it’s important we give something back and try to help them as much as they help us. 

At happy paws jewelry we have decided to take action and bring together the world’s biggest animal lover community that gives back. Our team is committed to raising funds for dogs, cats, and other animals in need. Every month we donate part of the proceeds from each purchase to animal shelters which need it the most. 

Another great form to contribute is by adopting pets from shelters and rescue centres instead of buying them from local pet stores or breeders. If you are not looking to adopt, you can help improve their chances of being adopted by volunteering at shelters and giving the animals the reassurance and affection they need to trust humans again.

We can all make a contribution in one way or another to help animals find a loving and caring home. Join our pet lover community and support a good cause. It means the world to us and the little ones in need.

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